Thursday, March 09, 2017

Mexicue to Park on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

Damian and I returned to New York to touch base early this morning -- and it appears Mexicue is moving into the southeast corner of 18th and 8th, in the former home of the Viceroy, which failed miserably as Pounds & Ounces and Studio Kraut. According to its website, Mexicue was established in 2010 in Brooklyn -- as a food truck from what I see online -- although the two existing locations are both in Manhattan. (The new location will feature a tequila and bourbon bar, which sounds like a recipe for trouble.) Would be great if it were great seeing as it's very close and I haven't had good BBQ since RUB -- where I was eating with my brother Bill and his wife, Jacqueline, when the news broke that Elliot Spitzer was hooked on hookers -- went out of business in early 2013 after a string of bad luck.

"Mexicue serves unique food from our kitchen inspired by two of America’s favorite comfort foods: Mexican & BBQ. We have taken the spicy, fresh, flavorful tastes of Mexico and blended them with smoky bbq flavors to create a mouthwatering union."

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