Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Studio Kraut Is Latest Roadkill on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

Wow, that was quick. Just seven months after its debut, Studio Kraut has already folded. The longtime home of The Viceroy became Pounds & Ounces in 2012, only to re-brand itself as a "Bohemian bar and kitchen." The place routinely looked busy, but the quick turnaround leads me to believe it's the latest victim of Chelsea's outrageous rents.


I'm offering an addendum to my recent post about the old Koffeecake Cafe. Found out it is becoming Uncle Sam's Burgers, which is indeed Asian -- but is described as a "Chinese chain for burgers with Asian toppings plus more classic patties and fries." They had a booth set up at this past weekend's Chelsea Eats Street Fair, but I opted for a lobster roll at a competing truck instead.

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JimmyD said...

BUT! Chelsea now has a Popeye's! And Hell's Kitchen, a Panda Express!