Monday, January 07, 2013


 Michael and I eat out for nearly all of our meals, yet are incredibly picky. It's for this reason that the closing of RUB BBQ in Chelsea is especially devastating. Not only could we both agree on the joint, everyone we know -- including out-of-town guests -- totally loved it. RUB was closed for a few months in the fall when a guy who stole an SUV lost control of his loot and drove through the front of the restaurant. While they did eventually reopen, something tells me they were never able to rebound from that idiotic act -- and Hurricane Sandy probably didn't help much, either. Although I'm not sure they're realted, we may have to wait till our next trip to Detroit to enjoy some Real Urban Barbeque again. Sad news for the owners, employees and customers of a great local business.


Frank Anthony Polito said...

Oh, no! I was just this in December when Grat and his new b/f came to town to celebrate Mike's 40th bday... And they were sold out of the brisket that night. White Trash Warren, it is.

DrGaellon said...

It's said that any business closed for more than 48 hours due to accident or disaster has only a 50/50 chance to survive a year - and that goes down the longer they're closed.

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