Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Village Gay Bar Uncle Charlie's Bombed in 1990 by Terrorists Behind 1993 WTC Bombing

While I remember the 1999 neo-Nazi bombing of the Admiral Duncan in London like it was yesterday, I had no idea that Uncle Charlie's -- the popular gay video bar on Greenwich Avenue that I used to frequent in the early and mid- '90s when visiting from D.C. -- was once the scene of a bombing as well. And what was the motivation? The bombers -- one of whom later infamously sketched pictures of Princess Diana(!) while on trial (and convicted) for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center attack -- were Muslims who "objected to homosexuality on religious grounds." (Sigh.) Read HERE

"Can I get your number?"

Read about the bar's demise -- all its customers started to party in Chelsea! -- HERE.

Order HERE.

The son of bomber El Sayyid Nosair later wrote a memoir about what his father's decision to choose terrorism over him did to his life. Read about it HERE.

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