Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recalling NYC 1993

With thanks to Chip Duckett, who pointed me to Recalling 1993, an fun exhibit at the New Museum that looks back to 20 years ago as a pivotal year in the changing of New York City. In addition to the museum exhibit, you can call 1-855-FOR-1993 from any pay phone in New York City and hear someone reminisce about what 1993 was like in the immediate vicinity. Chip is one of the storytellers:
I talk about nightlife and what it was like then and how it changed, so my phones are scattered around Tompkins Square (1984 started at Crowbar on 10th Street between A/B). I just heard my own story on the phone at the NW corner of 10th & A!
With Chazz Palminteri, Nile Rodgers, James St. James, Robin Byrd and everyone in between, they've got the city covered, although it might be a little "too 1993" to actually touch a payphone these days. More info HERE.

My most vivid memory of New York City 1993 was being with my then-lover, Rafael, who owned a leather goods business in Washington. We were visiting a deadbeat client on Greenwich Avenue and when the guy refused to pay up, Rafael, his assistant Fabian, and I began to remove the items from the store that were from Rafael's line. The shop owner did not respond kindly to our Repo Men strategy, and suddenly pulled a shotgun out from behind the register and aimed it at us. I nearly shit my plaid shorts, but Rafael -- who had been held hostage along with his entire family in their home in Bogota years before -- was completely unphased, and lunged for the gun, while screaming for me to run.

Not only did I not need to be instructed to run, I kept running until I was sitting on a bar stool at Uncle Charlie's with a Cape Cod in front of me -- long beofe Fabian and Rafael arrived after finishing up "business." I've never been so scared in my life -- and have never been since -- but once I calmed down and the magnitude of the situation hit me, I began laughing uncontrollably the rest of the night, one I now think of as one of the best of my (coulda been short) life!

  A badass in chambray

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