Thursday, March 05, 2015

No Gays Allowed?

Even though I know this is going on, seeing this headline as the lead story on the home page of The New York Times sent me into a rage. What on God's green earth is wrong with people -- and why isn't the entire country outraged about this???? Truly disgusting. Read HERE.

Wasn't I just talking about THIS kind of thing?

Sounds like my friend's book is coming out just in time ... 
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D Raymond Danforth said...

I feel that the impetus for refusing service MUST fall on the 'religious' business management/owner. If the offended is following old testament 'law', then they should also be EQUALLY consistent with those offenders that live together outside of marriage, those that work on the sabbath, those that are married of different faiths, those that are divorced etc - for this exclusion of LGBT to be acceptable.

Furthermore, this will then also be applicable for a Jew to refuse service to an Islam? A Catholic to refuse serving LDS? I am curious how specific the proposed laws are, as they surely must be binding only if they are consistent (that may be giving them TOO much credit).