Saturday, February 28, 2015

Careful What You Wish For


SFRowGuy said...

Will that fix everything? Gays calls themselves a religion, then we can get all the privileges. (Thanks L Ron, we'll call ourselves the Christian Gays, or whatever...)

MichaelG_from_PA said...

I have been saying for years now to my partner that we need to set up a religion based on the LGBT community.
Get a group of gays from various parts of the country or world and get them drunk (cause you know the water is bad so drinking alcohol would be the best).
We let them create a book that will be combined into a bible for our religion. This way we can discriminate against the GOP, Anti-Gay Groups and others and claim it's our religious right to do so.
I and various friends have joked around about how to create our religion and we came up with some fun things.