Friday, January 02, 2015

Page 1 Consider (01/02)

Further proof of the enormous leaps and bounds the LGBT community has made in the past few years, Mario Cuomo -- who rightly deserves to be remembered as a "liberal lion" -- is also the same man whose 1977 mayoral campaign against Ed Koch (is widely believed to have) used the charming "Vote for Cuomo, not the Homo" slogan. (His son and current governor Andrew was a campaign adviser.) And don't get me started on the Democratic Party's racist past.


swine said...

Wonder who started "vote for Cuomo, not the homo"? Doesn't seem to fit with Mario's or Andrew's way of thinking at all. But it was 37 years ago, so who knows what they were thinking back then?

Mark said...

Best Meyerson (Miss America 1954) was considered to be Ed Kochs beard. She passed away December 16th 2014.