Thursday, January 01, 2015

40 Years Ago: Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks Join Fleetwood Mac

Gearing up for the band's return to Madison Square Garden, I have been on a real Fleetwood Mac bender of late. (If you don't think "Tusk" is a masterpiece, please unfriend me now. Clearly the New Pornogaphers approved.) Didn't realize it was it was on New Year's Eve in 1974 that Lindsey was officially asked to join the band, but said he'd only do so on the condition that his girlfriend can too. (Smart move, Mr. Fleetwood!)

The fascinating story is HERE.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am also waiting impatiently to Fleetwood Mac. I am going Jan. 16 in St Paul.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the cut, i'm lucky enough to have a mint condition vinyl copy of "buckingham nicks", hope my luck continues and they play close enough to see again.

Steve said...

Of course 'Tusk' is a masterpiece.
It features the Trojan (The REAL USC)marching band, it is ironically, about a penis.