Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Who Has the Sexiest 'Stache in Sports History?

When the American Mustache Institute announced its search for the new Greatest Sports Mustache -- they're pissed that Keith Hernandez shaved -- I immediately clicked on the link to vote. But with candidates like Hulk Hogan, Lanny McDonald and Rollie Fingers all over the ballot, I decided it was time to intervene and come up with a nominee of my own. AMI's voting will continue for the next three months, but the sooner I submit a more suitable candidate, the sooner my guy can start racking up votes. Yes, I admit that these picks aren't entirely based on the actual 'stache -- it's the overall effect that I'm a fan of, hence these guys all fit my usual "type." But since picking a winning candidate is my goal -- I'm no Tea Partier! -- won't you please help by weighing in below?

Barry Zito

Blaine Gabbert

Cal Clutterbuck

Aaron Rodgers

Clint Didier

You don't want to know what I traded for this.

Kirk Gibson

Mark Malone

Wade Boggs

Don Mattingly

Russ Francis (see video below)

Mark Spitz

Mike Piazza

Rocky Bleier

Jeff Fisher

BONUS: Studly Russ Francis, Mike Schmidt and Jim Kiick square off in the battle of the 'staches ... and Speedos!


Who is sexiest with a 'stache?
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UPDATE: After hearing about the "return of the 'stache" many times over the years, they've really had a renaissance in just the past couple years. Here are some guys that joined the club after this post first appeared.

BJ Lawrence and his Speedo

Eric Decker

Steve Adams

Brian Boyle


MyDogBen said...

Clint Didier, politician, has become a Tea Party darling in Washington State. I cringe when I see his picture. He's no ally of ours.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Tom Selleck is an NRA darling, but it doesn't make his 'stache any less sexy!

Moose said...

Jake "The Snake" Plummer. Damn, he is fine.

MyDogBen said...

I understand your point, but don't you agree sometimes politics trumps attraction? A wise blogger recently wrote about a creationist athlete: "We're never gonna have a relationship, basketball, are we?"

Anonymous said...

I usually know my shirtless sexy baseball players but this time I don't. Maybe my mind is just too heated up looking at him. But, who is today's Saturday 'stache guy? Mighty, mighty fine. BTW I need to agree with the comment about Clint Didier. He was running for office in the district where my Mom lives. I had to see his TV spots all the time. They were vile. You would not think he was sexy for very long if you heard the things coming out of his ultra-right-wing mouth.

Steve Katz said...

Today's pics are the best EVER! I wish the site had let me cast a vote. It would have been for Russ Francis.

Cosmo Tupper said...

Mark Spitz is perfection.