Saturday, March 31, 2012

Was Alyssa Milano Slugger Carl Pavano's Beard?

A former high school classmate of hunky Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano is under investigation for allegedly trying to extort money and a Range Rover -- "navy ... with tan leather" -- from the ex-New York Yankee in exchange for keeping quiet about a three-year sexual relationship the two had while attending high school together in Southington, Connecticut. I don't know what to make of this. I highly doubt this guy just made up the affair, and it makes me wonder if more men experiment with guys -- and not just "one-offs" -- than many of us believe, but are not necessarily closet cases or even actively bisexual as adults. (Time to rethink that "women are the ones with fluid sexuality, and if a guy goes gay more than once, he's GAY" idea I have?) I had a physical relationship when I was even younger with someone who is married with children now, and I have no reason to think his life is a lie.

Then again, his high-profile relationship with Alyssa Milano could have been a PR stunt to throw people off the scent -- he is a huge fan of the
mustache, after all, and he does have experience as a barista -- so who knows? He may well be the highest-paid gay guy in the Major Leagues. (We know they're out there.) Whatever the case may be, one thing's for sure. I've been wanting to play catcher for this one for years!

Deadspin has the full report HERE, via Towleroad.

High-School Confidential? Christian Bedard and Carl Pavano


Matt R said...

You could catch a volleyball in that mitt by now, gurlllll. ;) Didn't she also date Scott Wolf?

Christopher said...

I had him