Monday, August 29, 2011

Streaming Idiot

With Netflix recently doubling its monthly fee -- and my not being a huge "watch DVDs at home" guy -- I found myself considering switching to the streaming-only plan. Then I realized everything -- except the recently added "Mad Men" -- that I wanted to watch isn't available yet. So until Netflix and the content providers get their shit together, I'm going to add to this list each time I go to watch something and can't. (Somehow, I find it particularly galling when crappy "gay" movies aren't available. They should be happy ANYONE wants to watch 'em and make them available every way possible!)

Admittedly, this serves no real purpose. But I grew up obsessed with making lists, so at least it'll make me feel a little better in a nostalgic kind of way.

Stuff That Should Be Streaming on Netflix:

1. "The Fighter" (1983 Gregory Harrison version) 'Cause of THIS.
2. "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills" (1996) 'Cause of THIS.
3. "It's My Party" (1996) 'Cause of Olivia and Gregory Harrison!
4. "Tales of the City" (series) (1993) 'Cause I missed it when I was living in Washington!
5. "Man of the Year" (1995) 'Cause I'm on a Playgirl kick.
6. "October Sky" (1999) 'Cause of Chad Lindberg.
7. "A Different Story" (1978) 'Cause of Perry King.
8. "Rhoda" (series) (1974-1978) 'Cause it's my fave.


Miche Rutledge said...

When it comes to gay movies, there are very few available on iTunes for rent or for purchase, too. The only place I've found that has them to rent is Amazon on their streaming service.

I have a television that lets me stream to it directly via WiFi, so it works out well. You have to pay for the rental on your computer and then pull it up on the TV, but it also can be played on your computer (and downloaded to Windows computers, but not Macs).

I have watched several movies this way and even with my slow 3Gbps service, it does pretty well.

Dan said...

There are a lot of crappy gay movies on Netflix available on DVD, but not many to stream. When they announced the price increases I was tempted to go own to the streaming only plan, but after seeing what the options were I elected to go down to 1 DVD at a time with unlimited streaming. I was disappointed with the availability of movies available.

paul said...

I'm going strictly with streaming because there is so much to choose from. I love film noir and the selection is so huge. The majority of these films are not available on DVD. As for gay flix, I was able to see the classic "Taxi Zum Klo" which, I understand caused a sensation in its day. Really a great movie and not available on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I bought a Roku player a few months ago, then Netflix changed all their prices.I just changed my Netflix subscription to streaming only, but the selection is not even close to the DVD selection. I'm hoping that with the "streaming only" option, they will be able to convince more of the content providers that there is a market and that they can "beef" up their selection. We'll see once what happens after September.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I am old enough to remember when "Taxi Zum Klo" was shown at a gay film festival. Even there, it created controversy. I remember some gay guys who were offended by the golden shower scene. They should have read reviews before they went to see it.

David said...

The studios set what they want streaming and what shall be DVD, and not Netflix. That issue has caused a contentious battle between them. Studios hate the low fees Netflix charges for streaming,forcing more product to stay on DVD, thus the studios can make more money.

Has anyone seen Judas Kiss? It'll be out on 10/25. It's a great gay film.

paul said...

David, Thank you for recommening "Judas Kiss." I added it to 'save' and I was happy to see it stars the wonderfully handsome, talented Charlie David. It really is great when someone takes the time to recommend a film they enjoyed. In turn, I would like to recommend "Christopher And His Kind" with Matt Smith, which is based on Isherwood's time spent in decadent Berlin. And in keeping with this theme, "Chris and Don" a highly entertaining documentary, available on streaming.

501bob said...

"Howl" with James Franco is great, it's available on Netflix streaming.

501bob said...

Also the have streaming "L.I.E." and "The Living End"