Friday, August 26, 2011

Gregory Harrison Is a Lover and a 'Fighter'

It's a good thing Gregory Harrison's 1983 TV flick "The Fighter" (aka "The Fighting Chance") wasn't a miniseries, because I'd have certainly exceeded doctors' four-hour "warning." I tried to get some screen grabs for you but alas my computer won't let me do it while playing the DVD on my laptop (the film's not available streaming anywhere -- anyone know a workaround?), but I did find this poster on eBay, below, so you can see what I was "dealing" with. (I'm telling you, he's so hot it's painful to watch.) In the process, I also came across this photo of Gregory on "Battle of the Network" stars, which may also be the death of me.

One more Speedo shot just to rub it in HERE.

UPDATE: Thirty-six screen grabs from "The Fighter" HERE.

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Lord Have Mercy said...

As a long-time fan of GH, I know how you feel, Kenny. It's not exactly screen grabs that I am compelled to desire -- it's the grabbing of other things....

A great followup post to the one about "For Ladies (and Gays) Only".

Gregory will forever be one of the hottest guys for me.