Monday, July 06, 2009

Fame Is a Four-Letter Word

I had read about this intriguing film years ago and thought it had come and gone, but it seems that "My Big Break," a documentary that followed four young actors over the course of 10 years in their pursuit of fame, is finally coming to a theater near me. What might have been an interesting if unglamorous look at the quest for stardom turned out to be a windfall for Tony Zierra -- a desperate aspiring filmmaker who decided the most cost-efficient way to make a movie was to just start filming his roommates -- when three of his subjects defied enormous odds and actually became quite successful. (I can assure you if I'd been filming the guys I hung out with in Hollywood in 1992 you'd have seen a bunch of auditions for Domino's commercials that were never booked and low-rent plays in which they were never cast). Instead, we see Wes Bentley ("American Beauty," "Ghost Rider"), Chad Lindberg ("October Sky," "The Fast And The Furious") and Brad Rowe ("Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," "Shelter") as they navigate their often rocky way into the business, while the fourth actor (Gregory Fawcett, or is it Wendell Gregory?) becomes insanely jealous over his roommates' success. As part of ACEFEST NYC2009, the film will screen at 7:20 p.m. on Saturday, July 11, at the Tribeca Cinemas here in Manhattan. Click HERE for more information.

The trailer has me completely hooked!

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Vivian said...

It's an awesome if rather sad documentary.