Monday, August 29, 2011

The Baseliner in the Plastic Bubble

The Wall Street Journal reports that there's a lot more than being gluten-free to Novak Djokovic's fitness regimen. For the last year, the sporty Serb has been spending his free time in a $75,000 CVAC pod, an egg-shaped pressure chamber pod that "simulates high altitude and compresses muscles at rhythmic intervals." Sure, it may sound a little Michael Jacksony. But it got Lady Gaga to the top, and seems to be keeping Nole there too!

Of course, before you get too convinced that this contraption -- one of just 20 in the world -- is the real secret of Djokovic's success, keep this in mind: Axl Rose is one of the other owners.

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Brian said...

sounds like a fancy, full-body version of those electric ab belts