Monday, March 28, 2011

NLGJA's Headlines and Headliners 2011

Ann Curry, Sam Champion, Bill Ritter, Sade Baderinwa and Thomas Roberts

Attended the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association's (NLGJA) 16th annual New York benefit on Thursday, which is always my favorite event of the year. (I first attended in 1999 when I was also invited to the after-dinner, where I met Tina Brown, Harry Evans, Ed Koch and Michael Huffington -- with his boy-toy du jour -- then lucked out and was seated next to Jane Pauley. I've also blogged about the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 events.) This year's gala was hosted by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and, like last year, was held at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store in SoHo. (Those two do so much for LGBT causes -- and make beautiful leather sofas, like mine!) The party is great because not only are two young journalists awarded scholarships, you also get to catch up on all the latest industry -- and personal -- gossip with all your fellow LGBT colleagues, as a bunch of bold-faced names wandering around amongst us! Here are some photo highlights:

Host Thomas Roberts and partner Patrick Abner

Michelangelo Signorile, human rights advocate Ashley Love and Andy Towle

With Kevin Hauswirth and Sade Baderinwa, whom I cross-examined about Charles Perez's memoir (She was a doll -- no wonder even HE liked her -- and didn't have a mean word to say about anyone)

Christine Quinn, Mitchell Gold and Thomas Roberts

Jane Velez-Mitchell and friends

Javi Morgado and Jesse Rodriguez

With new friends

My pals Jim Key and Derrick Shore (far left and right) with Javi Morgado, Ashley Love and friend

With Dan Mathews of PETA, whom I mistook for Matthew Modine (It was only when I got home and saw his business card did it make sense why he seemed to have NO IDEA what I was talking about -- oops!)

If Erin Moriarty DIDN'T want to hear me gush all night about how much I LOVE "48 Hours," then she shouldn't have set foot in the joint!

Blandon Belushin, Maurice Michaane, Joseph Hassan, blogger Totally Tyler and Eric Hegedus

I spy Jason Belini, Linda Mason of CBS, and Erin Moriarty

Patrick Abner, Erica Hill and Thomas Roberts

Not all journalists only have a face for radio ...

continued ...


David Steinberg and Thomas Roberts award Sharyn Jackson the Leroy F. Aarons scholarship

Mitchell Gold

(Professional photos via NLGJA & Michael Williams/Everett Collection)


JackBoston said...

Has Thomas Roberts forgiven you yet?

nojarama said...

I love that you mistook Dan Matthews for Matthew Modine. Hil-Ar-ious. And, I bet he thinks it's funny now too. He's a sweetheart, a good soul and VERY sexy!

Jay said...

i think you mean Erica "Hill" from CBS's The Early Show...unless her married name is "Yount"...

Christopher said...

erica's married name and fb profile name is "Yount." What a dreadful last name!!

Anonymous said...

Your friend JIM KEY is gorgeous!! I'm sure he hears that often but pass the compliment along, anyway.

Ken said...

Sorry, I was looking for a blog and must have stumbled onto someone's personal photo album.

Anonymous said...

Why does Thomas look so shiny?