Friday, March 26, 2010

Headlines and Headliners 2010

Had a late night at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) Headlines and Headliners fundraiser in SoHo last night, so please forgive my lack of posts today. It was a great event with lots of fun people held in the big Mitchell Gold store on Lafayette (if you haven't shopped there, it's fantastic. Too bad Troy destroyed my MG leather sofa!). Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb presented scholarships to two LGBT student journalists, and Absolut kept the crowd very happy. The evening was capped off with late-night Mexican food with Andy Towle and his lover, Dave, plus Josh and Josh (Are Rich and Famous), whom I was delighted to finally meet, in the flesh. Photo highlights follow:

Hoda and Kathie Lee work the crowd

Bravo! Bravo! With Andy Cohen (this one's for Spyro)

Regis-free zone: Andy Towle, Katie Lee Gifford and Dave Grant

Contessa Brewer and Josh H

The crowd makes itself at home

Me and Kathie Lee

Hoda and Kathie Lee wonder where the waiter is with their drinks ...

The Contessa in the (212) (plus some anchor chick)

Strike a pose


Jay said...

i love andy cohen! he has a great mouth! :)

thegaycurmudgeon said...

I wish I'd known about this! I live across the street! Unfortunately, however, I'm not a journalist.

A.M. Villalobos said...

Senor Walsh is lookin' supa-fly!

Scott said...

What's up with Andy Cohen in the pic with Andy Towle , KLG and Dave Grant?

Anonymous said...

I love Contessa Brewer.

Joe said...

KLG looks good. She drives me crazy, but she looks like she has her stuff together.
Also, I must agree, "Senor Walsh is lookin' supa-fly!" :)