Friday, March 20, 2009

Headlines & Headliners

Last night's National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) New York benefit was a fun, if low-key event. The views from the ninth floor of the Time Warner Center were truly breathtaking, and it was great running into some old colleagues and catching up with my pal Frank Anthony Polito.

Here are a few photo highlights from the evening:

With the hilarious Joy Behar
With dreamy Chris Wragge (I swear I was about to blog about him the night before but decided I was acting too much like a schoolgirl ... so now I'm acting like a schoolgirl who brought her camera!)
My friend Ed Hornick of CNN and I make a lesbian meat sandwich out of the incomparable Jane Velez Mitchell
With Frank Anthony Polito, whose new book, "Drama Queers," comes out in May
The Silver Fox himself, "Anderson Cooper"
And there's Thomas Roberts on the left, from whom I kept a safe following distance (a special thanks to everyone in security!)


Anonymous said...

Silver Fox? Anderson Cooper? Where? Don;t tease us like that.

OperaGuyNY said...

Is Chris Wragge gay? I thought he had a girlfriend.

Timmy said...

You should see Chris Wragge in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. O-M-G!!! I gave him a lead for a story when he worked here in Houston. He invited me to the filming and I fell in lust.

John said...

OMG, Thomas Roberts, Anderson Cooper, ("and all the others"LOL) all in one night...I would've had to rush home afterwards and, well...nevermind LOL

I love Jane Velez Mitchell (did she have any issues?) and I love seeing Joy fill in for Larry King! She is really good at it too!

Must be nice living in NYC!

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Jerry said...

Is Chris Wragge really as nice in person as he seems on TV? About how tall is he? Does he smell good? LOL...can you tell that I am a bit obsessed??!! LOL

Wasn't he married at one time to a European model/stripper?