Wednesday, October 06, 2010

'Love' Will Keep Us Together

I passed Harry Hamlin in the lobby of the News Corp building yesterday -- now I know why he was there, he's in town promoting books and that god-awful-looking new reality show of his. Like many of us, seeing Hamlin and Michael Ontkean fall in love in "Making Love" was a watershed moment in my life, both for the eroticism it promised -- were those two not the hottest pairing of the '80s? -- and the fear I felt witnessing the hostile reaction it provoked in others. That I could walk past him today without completely swooning probably has a lot more to do with his involvement with Lisa Rinna than it does with his advanced age -- he still looks great, especially considering he's turning 59 this month. But whether or not People magazine dubbed him the Sexiest Man Alive back in '87 or not, he'll always be Mr. 1982 to me.

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