Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tossing Jake Gyllenhaal's Salad

I know it's a big gay cliche to be lusting over Jake Gyllenhaal on your blog -- wait, that could have been my contribution to "The A-List" -- but I have to admit that when the trailer for his new film, "Love and Other Drugs," came on before "The Social Network" the other night, I literally -- and breathlessly -- turned to Michael and said, "That is the most adorable person I have ever seen in my life." These then-and-now photos show you what I'm talking about -- and a conversation with Jake at the New Yorker Festival makes it clear that even a humorless heterosexual like David Denty gets lust in the dust when Jakey is around:

“You may do for straight sex in this movie what you did for gay sex in 'Brokeback Mountain,'” Denby said. “I think you should leave masturbation alone.”

Click HERE to find out why Jake wants to be the next Paul Newman -- and the piercing blue eyes have nothing to do with it.


Jason Wong said...

Lovin' Jake Gyllenhaal, but I think Anne Hathaway's career is going to be bigger one between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Young Jakey looks so much like adult Maggie...