Thursday, August 17, 2023

Shower the World With 'Red'

Nice to hear that "Red, White & Royal Blue" is No. 1 worldwide on Prime Video, sparking a "huge surge" of new subscribers. And kudos to director and screenplay co-writer Matthew Lopez for working both "queer" and "fairy" into his quote about the hit film!


Jeffery said...

I liked it.

Ray said...

I love it. I've watched it four times already and I'm not done with it yet. The boys are beautiful and perfect--just perfect. Their chemistry is palpable and just about leaps right off the screen. And NOBODY GETS BEATEN UP FOR BEING GAY. I'm hoping that's another sign that the "bury your gays" trope has itself been buried because I am beyond sick and tired of gay characters being killed off just because it's convenient as a plot point. Oh, one more thing: Taylor Zakhar Perez has one of THE handsomest faces I've ever seen in either real life or reel life.