Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Remains of the Day (08/16)


NYT: Report on anti-gay slur could put local news site out of business (how about a GoFundMe or an offer of pro bono legal aid for this place?)

IG: I have the "James at 15" novelization, how did I miss "Square Pegs"?

PeopleKJ Apa says shirtless ‘Riverdale’ scenes took a toll on him, and don't get him started on that dyed red hair

Hot Cat of the Day: Just got the sad news that Sergey, my onetime neighbor, has died at 15. (I met him when he was wandering in the hallways of my apartment building when his father got a little too drunk!) Sergey was as handsome as he was sweet. RIP, cutie.

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Jaradon said...

Gee is so tough to be young and hot and taking off your shirt to make a living- and yes lets be grateful for the singlet- AJ Kapa had to wear one in "Riverdale" when he ended up in the fight club sponsored by the the Juvenile Delinquent Prison for Cute Boys