Tuesday, April 04, 2023

California Dreamin’


Was cleaning out an old footlocker and came across a cache of old photos, including these from when I lived in Southern California (1990-1993). The top shots are in the parking lot of the condo community where my roommates and I rented a three-bedroom unit in Huntington Beach, which is now the epicenter of white supremacy. My car was hit and run one afternoon, which led to a police-escorted confrontation with the party who'd obviously done it. My impersonation of the overly defensive aggressor is available on demand if you see me in person!

And here I am in Beverly Hills at Ed Debevic's, a '50s diner known for its snarky servers that also had a location in Phoenix where my family used to go on occasion. (Who could forget the commercial with that annoying little girl?)I can't even remember who the guy is in the photo above me, so if anyone knows him please set me straight! 

If you want to see a sample of the NC-17 material my college boyfriend used to keep me under his spell back in the day, scroll down for a just-discovered-photo update on this post HERE.

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