Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gentleman Took Polaroids


Was ripping my apartment apart looking for something last night and came across these Polaroids I don't even recall taking, circa 1988. That's me at my desk in my parents' house -- notice the tennis and bowling trophies on the top shelf -- I'd won the Turkey Tourney doubles crown with my friend who later turned on me because he was a closet case too -- as well as my vintage Paris poster (a gift from my French teacher) and Edward Hopper calendar. I'm not sure what the alcohol collection was -- notice it's not in the next photo. I'd guess it had something to do with a party I'd hosted, but our house had a wet bar to complement the conversation pit -- the peak of '70s chic! -- so it makes no sense why it'd be stored in my room. 

I was so cool I had my own (black & white!) television in my room -- that's gotta be a good 12 inches -- and notice the Blondie "Autoamerican" poster in the upper right, a remnant from before my room got an "adult" makeover! I also spot my Tennis, World Tennis, Vanity Fair and Interview magazine collections on the shelves.

And here we have my beloved Tweet. He -- a red-point Siamese -- was the smartest and chattiest little guy I've ever met. Not sure how I would have gotten through high school without him.

Ditto for my Arizona best friend, Greg, seen here in a B-52s “Whammy” tour T-shirt and his signature jorts! 

And lastly was my bed with a(n unframed) Monet "Palazzo da Mula, Venice" poster, freshly purchased at the National Gallery of Art during a trip to visit my mom's aunt and uncle in Potomac, Md. About five years later I would end up working there briefly after moving to Washington from Los Angeles in early '93 -- and 30 years after these photos I would finally get to Venezia, fulfilling one of my earliest travel dreams! 

At my desk in the East Wing (1993)

With Damian in Venice (2018) 

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