Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wall of Sound

Another great photo from the Facebook group: It's like Debbie Harry was transported back to Mesa, Ariz., circa the 1980s!

With Greg and Chantal 


Unknown said...

I remember that the picture was taken for an Australian publication. Debbie was not happy with having to pose behind pictures from her past.

Henry Holland said...

Um, how old are you in the second picture, lying down with those red sneakers? Just curious, asking for a friend. :-P

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Henry: Ha ha! It was around my 16th birthday. :-)

Henry Holland said...

[Looks up AZ age of's 18] Um, right, those are some really nice Pretenders posters you have on the wall, their first two albums were great!!! [runs away]

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