Thursday, September 15, 2022

Billy Eichner Gives Good Hedcut

Via The Wall Street Journal:

Billy Eichner on overcoming his greatest challenge:
“I’ve been [in show business] for over 20 years. So many obstacles! In Hollywood -- which is so fear based and always looking to just do a slightly revised version of what’s been successful in the past -- the minute you build a project around someone who is unique, there’s a risk factor. I was an original. I was always openly gay, onstage and offstage. I had managers tell me that my live show was too gay. I had TV executives look at me in the eyes when I would pitch them a show or a series and tell me that I should maybe go to Bravo. But I always made it a priority to be successful on my own terms. When it comes to persistence, I was focused on not just making a historic movie but making a hilarious movie.”
Eichner is a comedian and an actor. He stars in "Bros," billed as the first gay romantic comedy from a major studio, in theaters Sept. 30.

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j said...

I was not an Eichner fan but now I'm really rooting for his movie to be a huge hit!