Friday, December 01, 2006

'Creation Nation': Not Ready Too Funny for Prime Time

Michael and I attended last night's incarnation of "Creation Nation," one of the hottest shows these days in New York. The insanely funny Billy Eichner is the star, writer, and co-creator of this ever-changing "live talk show," which I can only explain as a cross between vintage Sandra Bernhard and Jack McFarland's West Village "Just Jack" show -- featuring monologues, comedy sketches, stand-up, original musical numbers, filmed segments (the vlog and man on the street segments were particularly hilarious). Robin Taylor plays Billy's long-suffering sidekick. Last night's special guest on the faux show was Joan Rivers, who happened to be sitting right behind us during the rest of the performance. She was very quick and played nicely off of Billy's frenetic, stream-of-consciousness humor.

I'm still recovering from a cold and laughed so hard I nearly coughed to death (that's two shows in a row I've liked, I'm starting to get the hang of this theater stuff), but I figured Michael would be the real test of whether or not it was truly funny (this is a guy who didn't laugh once last week in Arizona when I turned my back on the Grand Canyon and repeatedly yelled "IS THERE SOME BIG HOLE AROUND HERE EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT???" in earshot of all the tourists.) FYI: The usually stoic Michael laughed a lot, so odds are you might, too.

Favorite line of the night: "I'm an atheist with a God complex, that's why I never believed in myself."

Watch the embarrassingly funny "On the Street" video here.
Look for tickets for the next performance at the Ars Nova Theater here. (I believe it's not till the last Thursday of January.)

(P.S. To top things off, we saw Ethan Hawke and his gal pal walking their dog and fighting on West 21st Street on the way home!)


molly said...

"is there some big hole around here..."

hahaa niiice, thats hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Believe me it was much funnier when i told your sister Jennifer what a BIG DORK you were at the Grand Canyon that day.