Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Upper West Side Story


As some of you know, I said goodbye over the weekend to my Chelsea apartment of 23 years, the longest I have lived anywhere in my life. Already feeling at home on the Upper West Side -- thanks to Damian and Harvey -- but what an emotional few weeks it's been! Wanted to share a few special moments from the recent move Uptown. Damian and I are extremely grateful to his sister Gabby, above in our new bedroom, for helping us transport our breakables in her minivan so that we didn't have to worry about a thing with the actual movers, who incidentally were just great. 

Farewell, 18th Street

Our new breakfast joint

The waiter saw my shirt and said Mary Tyler Moore had once eaten there, "Before she died."

We have only half-jokingly conceded that the move was really for Harvey. My guy and I were perfectly fine living in a tiny third-floor walkup -- it was rent-stabilized, after all! But this big boy needs lots of room to explore -- and explore he has since the moment we arrived at our much roomier digs!

Last night was sort of an emotional one. One of the highlights of our new apartment is being able to take a bath again, after 23 years of just having a shower stall. Yesterday, Damian turned down the lights and surprised me with a candle that I had gotten from his family for Christmas but apparently never really inspected -- and imagine my surprise when I got a closer look: It's from Towne Club Pop, a highlight from my Detroit childhood! (Shame on me for not taking it out of the box to realize they'd bought me such a thoughtful gift. The box just says the Detroit Mercantile Co., which apparently sold Motor City-themed goods but closed in 2019, but I had no idea how up my ally it really was.) It sure warmed my heart (however belatedly) to be reminded that I have new family members who care about me so much -- it seemed just like a gift my brother would have gotten me. Bill always gave the best gifts. 💔

P.S. The holder the candle came in is just like the drinking glasses we to tried to make from Towne Club bottles back in the '70s. (It never worked!)


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new apartment hope Harvey is happy there.

BosGuy said...

Welcome to your new home and neighborhood. Being so near Central Park must be wonderful.

Jack said...

I never had much success with the 70's bottle cutter crafts, either. Good Luck in your new place!

j said...

I hope you will all be happy in the new place

Myk said...

Love the headline! May you both have many happy and healthy years in your new home.

Bill said...

The pictures of Harvey are too cute. An old friend has lived in the West Side Restaurant building since the 70's. I used to go there all the time. (the apartment, not the restaurant.) I lived in the UWS from 1973 to 1978 before moving to 19th Street and Eighth Ave. I loved it. Best of luck in the new apartment.

GK said...

Loved reading about your move. Best wishes!

SPP said...

Best of luck in the new place! This feels like the end of an era.

Can I ask who you used as movers? I am planning a move within the city for mid-June and looking for recs!