Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Remains of the Day (04/06)

Disgusting of them. Donate to the ACLU if you can. 

Different job title, same dumbf**kery  

And don't f**k with my Coke Zero 

Matthew Rettenmund: Is it an accident that "Justice Thomas" and "Coke" are suddenly hot topics at the same time again? 

Exactly how stupid would you have to be to not know this one? 

Is running out of hairspray a comorbidity now? 

Don't get me wrong, she deserves it. But Trump held a political convention on the White House grounds(!) but the person being punished for violating the Hatch Act is the rare BLACK WOMEN who worked for him????? 

The attacker may have had mental issues, but the right's constant demonizing the government isn't exactly helping things like this not happen 

Second only to Jake Ryan in our hearts 

Ex-Rep. Katie Hill -- who stepped down because she's polyamorous(?) calls on onetime ally Matt Gaetz to resign if there's "a fraction of truth" to allegations 

Howard Dean: Since Reagan starting in 1982, the three wealthiest families (Waltons, Mars Candy, and Koch brothers) have seen their net worth grow by 6,000%. The median while household income of Americans has  decreased by 3%.

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Myk said...

The penalty for Hatch Act violations should be much stiffer. You shouldn't be able to work in the federal government ever again if convicted. Misusing one's position as a government official for partisan reasons is unconscionable.