Thursday, January 21, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/21)

We're all living for the Bernie memes, but this photo caption is my favorite! 

It's a new day in America 

In his first foreign policy move, the president fired Michael Pack, the head of the US Agency for Global Media. 

 A day after trolling Florida man she put Ted Cruz in his place, too!

Sounds about right 

I wanted to know where they were able to go to the bathroom! 

Can you imagine? 

Amanda Gorman’s poetic answer to pandemic grief: ‘Do not ignore the pain’ 

Cori Bush: I don’t want to unite with those responsible for the insurrection at our nation’s Capitol. I want us to unite in holding them accountable. 

Sounds delicious!  

And you should see him with a BEARD 

Gaga > Maga

 How did you spend your first day waking up in a democracy again?


Myk said...

re: Worst Presidents - surely there's room for Andrew Jackson on that list?

streetfan14 said...

My asked the same questions. Aren't they hungry, do they have snacks in their pockets and what if they need to go to the bathroom?

JP Aragon said...

Steeve Reeves had a body and face made for the movies

Steve said...

Really disappointed. Was expecting to see a picture of Donny & Melanie under the headline "bitter orange tart."