Thursday, January 21, 2021

The WJM Boat

I was only a casual "Love Boat" watcher as a kid, so it was fun to recently learn how many costars of Gavin MacLeod -- aka Murray Slaughter -- from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" later boarded his MS Pacific Princess. Keep reading HERE.

While I'm not surprised Mary Tyler Moore wasn't the cruise type, I would have thought Murray Slaughter's wife, Marie (Joyce Bulifant), would have booked a trip!

Sue Ann Nivens

Betty's husband, Allen Ludden, also appeared on Betty's episode. Watch the video to see which shockingly gay band was also onboard!

Season 4, Episode 7!

Ted Baxter

And look who played his wife -- Rue McClanahan!

Gordy Howard

Georgette Franklin Baxter

Georgia with Diana Canova, aka Corinne Tate on "Soap"

Rhoda Morgenstern

Phyllis Lindstrom

(With thanks to David Davis)

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