Monday, July 13, 2020

New Jersey’s Oldest LGBTQ Club Launches GoFundMe to Avoid Closure

More bad news from the world of LGBTQ nightlife.

Out in Jersey reports that Club Feathers, New Jersey’s oldest LGBTQ club still in operation and the last in Northern New Jersey, was closed for four months. It has since reopened with strict limits on operation due to the pandemic. Now, Feathers’ owner, Paul Binetti is warning that without financial assistance from the community the 42-year-old establishment may close for good.

“We are fighting tooth and nail to stay open,” Bunetti told the gay magazine. “Rent is due now past four months. Our taxes are due for two quarters now. It’s extreme -- and that’s not including any other bills.”

On Sunday, Binetti launched a GoFundMe calling on supporters to contribute to the fundraiser’s $75,000 goal to support the River Edge landmark LGBT business to keep it open.

If Feathers were to close permanently, New Jersey would lose a landmark in local LGBTQ history.

“Most people don’t know the history of Feathers, but back in the day the local government tried to shut us down multiple times. The original owner fought back. This place was set on fire twice with Molotov cocktails trying to burn them out of the place, but that didn’t work,” said Binetti. “Then we would get harassed and people would drive by, but we fought the hatred.”

It would be sad to see this longtime queer business close.

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