Monday, July 13, 2020

Florida Sets Record for Single-Day Coronavirus Cases as Disney World Reopens

This killed me, just as a trip to the Orlando theme park might. Meanwhile, Disney’s corporate offices remain closed.
Even as Disney World reopens and the Florida state government was being pushed to host in-person classes for the fall school semester, the Sunshine State is setting new records for Covid-19 cases.

The Florida Department of Health reported 15,299 new coronavirus cases Sunday. That’s the highest total for any state since the pandemic started. Florida holds the dubious record for second-highest as well, coming in with 11, 434 new cases on July 4, per Johns Hopkins University.

Florida’s test positivity rate is a whopping 19.60%, Johns Hopkins said.

Florida Rep. Donna Shalala said the virus is “out of control,” and said it’s likely a second economic shutdown looms.

“It’s out of control across the state because our governor won’t even tell everybody to wear masks. At least in Miami-Dade county, everyone must wear a mask when they’re outside,” she told CNN Saturday night. “This is an American tragedy.”

About 40 hospitals across Florida have no ICU beds available, according to state data.


Get ready for this to haunt you in your dreams.

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JP Aragon said...

Love Disney but one would have to be crazy to go there now