Thursday, June 25, 2020


Such a treat to have my Detroit-childhood best friend send me a cache of old photos this week, many of which I had never seen before. Kids today have every second of their lives forever documented -- for better or worse -- so it's truly a gift to have something like this fall in one's lap. Here I am, above, at age 15 visiting Mark back in Detroit. We caught the Thompson Twins at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on that trip.

10 bucks doesn't go as far as it used to!

With the picture provider on Sunset Boulevard in 1986

(Almost) with a bewigged Gillian Gilbert after New Order's concert at Mesa Amphitheatre in 1986, the same year and venue where I saw the Smiths.

I've written extensively about these two places in Old Town Tempe: Graffiti's is the bar/nightclub on Mill Avenue where my friend Chantal and I were when we got the news Andy Warhol had died.

And the after-hours restaurant Panic City was the subject of this RECENT POST.

These three are from when I went to Los Angeles for Mark's brother's wedding at the beginning of 1985. "The War Song" by Culture Club and "We Belong" by Pat Benatar ruled the airwaves, and Bartles & Jaymes ruled the refrigerators! 

At the Cure concert at Pine Knob in 1986

With JR / Set list HERE.

Kenny Walsh's 15 Minutes

And these last four are from Mark's first visit to Phoenix in the summer of 1979. 

Spiraling out of control with my sister, Jennifer

Attention whore

First visit to Big Surf, which I hear is closed this year for the first time. (I'm surprised Gov. Ducey didn't insist that it open for maximum infections.)


Henry Holland said...

$10 in 1983 = $26 now. That TT ticket would easily be $75-$100 before all the horrible fees now for a band at their level then. I miss the days of affordable concert tickets.

Scott from California said...

I initially mixed up which text went with which pic and thought < $10 doesn’t go as far as it use to > was meant as as the caption for the two of you standing on the corner of Sunset Boulevard, LOL. Scott from Cali