Thursday, February 05, 2015

This Charming City?

This charming Manchester: Is Morrissey's city still recognisable? 

Thirty years on from The Smiths’ only UK No 1 studio album, how do the band’s legendary evocations of 1980s Manchester compare with life in the city today? There’s only one place to start 

I thought it peaked at No. 2 over there, but nonetheless, a fun article HERE.

My claim to fame is that I actually saw the Smiths live in 1986 on the "Queen Is Dead" tour, at Mesa Amphitheatre. This girl named Melissa where I worked in Tempe -- a place that did phone surveys called Walker Research -- had a crush on me and essentially bullied me into taking her. My best friend Greg came too, but I was totally uncomfortable as she forced me to put my arms around her the whole time and pretend like I liked her!

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