Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Pop Trash' (live) by Duran Duran

Well the timing of my seeing this sure seems right given Pedro Almovodar's decades-after-the-fact dig against Madonna. Warren Cuccurullo -- who gained fame with Missing Persons before replacing Andy Taylor in Duran Duran and becoming even more (in)famous for posing nude and making SEX TAPES -- apparently wasn't too pleased with Debbie Harry's remem(oir)brance of working with the Durans during Blondie's reformation in the mid-1990s:

Debbie wrote:

To which Warren responded:
Some clarification needed with a bonus message to the ungrateful fat soulless witch that continues to refer to herself as Debbie Harry. This is the masterpiece i wrote for you. You hated nick's lyrics. You begrudgingly sang it anyway, with the flu. Memory failing you? Oh, before i forget, amino acids are not drugs. I guess one should never expect someone with your history to understand a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle. Get your stories straight bitch! #FACESIT. #sex&Health&RocknRoll

A couple things:

"Pop Trash Movie" was far from a masterpiece. Debbie does sounds like she had the flu when she recorded it. (To be honest, I'm wondering if it's the same ailment she had throughout the entire recording sessions for the Jazz Passengers' "Individually  Twisted" -- yikes!) Debbie (and the boys) did end up going the wrong direction on "No Exit," but Duran Duran's contributions were hardly the solution. As Debbie mentioned in her book, Blondie also recorded Gary Valentine's "Amor Fati" -- which like Jimmy Destri-penned "Maria" and "Nothing Is Real but the Girl" and Chris Stein's "Under the Gun" -- sounds like a real Blondie song yet they chose not to include it (or Valentine) for the reunion, one of several missteps that was only exacerbated by Jimmy's firing. As fate would have it, Gary posted Blondie's demo on Facebook over the weekend. Look for it here tomorrow!

P.S. Would it surprise anyone to learn Warren is a Trump supporter?

Here is Simon LeBon's more diplomatic recollection of Blondie and "Pop Trash Movie."


James Dwight Williamson said...

Well he does have a big nasty ugly mouth, but he in my opinion also has a huge dick 8-10 inches but not big around as if that is relevant.
He is definitely a big dick if he supports Trump. Druggie trainwrecks usually can’t get hard and this one loves to orgasm for all to see. He is 63 now, interesting.

Jack said...

I was curious about the cryptic remark by Warren on his Facebook page. I saw Debbie Harry's random tweet and asked about the animosity that was displayed. I knew the song was written for a movie by Blondie or something to that effect, but did not know why the movie was never released. As a Duran Duran nut, it would be unfair for me to rate the album, but it was far from their best effort. In fact, that bad had more duds than diamonds in their discography. Thanks for the post. Now I can sleep better knowing the bigger picture.