Thursday, June 04, 2015

I'd Tumble 4 Them

Loved Michael Musto's list of the 10 Cutest Guys From the 1980s New Wave. Did my own and found we had surprisingly little overlap.

Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes were all the girls at Dobson High ever talked about. But Roger Taylor was the stud in the band for me. 

Bono who? Larry Mullen Jr. was all I was looking at back in U2's heyday ...

The Kemp brothers were handsome, but Spandau Ballet saxophonist/jack-of-all-instruments Steve Norman (and Larry) had me doubting I wasn't "into blond guys." 

Kooky-looking Dale and Terry Bozzio were the focal point of Missing Persons, but guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (left) was the sexy one ... 

and he only got sexier when he joined Duran Duran and started dabbling in home-made pornography.

Easy to see why Boy George was so lovesick back in the '80s -- his bicurious drummer boyfriend, Jon Moss, could cause anyone's self-esteem to take a tumble.

Pretty boys aren't usually my thing, but Adam Ant had just the right hint of masculinity mixed in to make him irresistible.

Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet is the dictionary definition of tall, dark and handsome.

Annabella Lwin was an underage sex kitten, but I barely noticed she was in Bow Wow Wow with David Barbarossa behind her on drums.

Michael Hutchence was definitely sexy, but I always thought the hottest man in INXS was Jon Farriss. Maybe I have a thing for drummers.

Lloyd Cole's face was almost as sexy as his brain.


Not that I'd kick John Taylor out of bed for smoking cloves.

  Nick Heyward was the pretty-boy face of Haircut 100. But percussionist Mark Fox -- who became lead singer after Nick's nervous breakdown -- was my love plus one.

He was a pretty boy, indeed, but KajaGooGoo singer Limahl was too cute to resist.


Billy Idol should have been on there, huh?


Blobby said...

of the 5 members of Duran Duran, the girls talked about Nick Rhodes??? Was it regarding which Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers he wore?

graysloth said...

Corey Hart and his night time sunglasses should have made the list!

James Greenlee said...

Mine is Bill Wadhams from Animotion. Remember, the guy in the gladiator outfit in the "Obsession" video? Whoever the dude was dressed as a shiek wasn't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Dave Wakeling

Ruddigore said...

Mark White from ABC (though I would still sleep with Martin Fry in a heartbeat), Dave Wakeling from The English Beat, Mark Reilly from Matt Bianco, Green Gartside From Scritti Politti, and while Musto mentions A-Ha's Morten Harket I would go for the British version - Kevin Mooney from Wide Boy Awake, and certainly on the list would be German-born Cee Farrow ("Should I Love You?"), who previously had been a model, and the other dreamy German, Peter Schilling ("Major Tom").

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Ruddigore: You are SO RIGHT about Mark White. Totally slipped my mind.

Prospero said...

Where's Cory Hart?

tmpr said...

I saw Dave Wakeling a few years ago and he’s still hot as hell. Wish they all still toured together.