Monday, February 18, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Maria' by Blondie


For better or worse, I haven't really considered Blondie Blondie since Jimmy Destri was kicked out of the band around the time of their second "comeback" album back in 2003. His loss was indeed a curse on Blondie -- the only songs that really sounded like them anymore seemed to be ones he penned and without him the band was really more like a continuation of Debbie Harry's uneven solo career. But I have to laugh that it's now been 20 years since the first comeback album ("No Exit") was released -- how adorable are these photos?! -- and that the band, as it were, has now been together way longer the second time than during its brilliant heyday. (Get a load of a "young" Matt Lauer, too!)

Now this is what a Blondie song sounds like!

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