Thursday, November 21, 2019

Song of the Day: 'T-Birds' by Blondie

Tickled to see Tim Pearson's 40-years-too-late rave of Blondie's "Autoamerican," which left critics flat despite brilliant back-to-back Number One singles. "Ahead of its time" may be an overused descriptor. But in today's era of overproduction and Auto-Tune, it's hard to imagine a listener today being anything but dazzled by an LP that featured not only accessible rap and reggae, but also cocktail, jazz, spaghetti western-inspired and Broadway music, with an epic film score opener to boot. Footnote: Can you imagine not releasing a third single from an album this successful? What would have been YOUR pick for a third 45?  


Blobby said...

that's a great question with almost no good answer. I might have to actually go with "Do the Dark"

Dov said...

Due to your post, I downloaded this album from iTunes and was pleasantly surprised. It made wonder why the hell didn't I even know about this back in the 80's.

Unknown said...

Angels on the Balcony is a great track.

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