Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/10)

CNN: You know damn well this isn't true -- but you know what is a big deal? The Trump campaign repeatedly lying about its interaction with meddling Russians. Let's see the full report, puppet

TPM: Top Democrats up in arms over Barr's "spying" comment 

Twitter: If the pope looked like Jude Law does in a Speedo, I'd find religion

The Hill: Sanders unveils new Medicare for all bill with backing from other 2020 Dems

Towleroad: Studly Richard Madden talks dropping trou for "Bodyguard"

Instagram: Turns out Madison Keys has a cute boyfriend -- and he's a tennis pro

Arizona Republic: A colleague just returned from a vacation in Tempe, Ariz., and my reaction was: On purpose? Ironically, I had just read an article about all the cool things to down in downtown Phoenix, a place that essentially didn't exist when I lived there

TV Line: Winona Ryder, John Turturro, more join David Simon's "Plot Against America" alternate-history miniseries for HBO

Brooklyn Vegan: Sarah "Let's try to understand the other side" Silverman has outlived her usefulness. But I give her props for covering this song

ICYMI: Debbie Reynolds made a workout tape in 1983 and it's as hilarious as you'd imagine!

Gr8er Days: Looking back at 60 years of Dennis Quaid hotness

Dlisted: "Grease" is getting a movie prequel because ruining things is fun

Amazon: Crime fiction inspired by music of the Go-Go's -- benefiting Planned Parenthood

Instagram: Stevie Johnson and his mustache looked awfully studly throwing out the first pitch at a Houston Astros game

The Fix: Stephen Miller says tough immigration policies protect Americans. His critics see something darker.

Instagram: Your afternoon workout: delts

The Verge: Einstein was right, the universe does have a sphincter

The Daily News: At least one killed, 15 injured in Durham, N.C. gas leak explosion, building collapse

Hot Cats of the Day: As if I didn't love Debbie -- and cats -- enough already! I remember reading about her kitty named "Sunday Girl" in "Making Tracks" ...


mcfrank said...

"Stephen Miller says tough immigration policies protect Americans".

I think the "something darker" is his definition of "Americans". (Well, it's probably "something lighter" but y'all know what I mean.)

Also, too, the hubris of using the word "Americans" when he is talking about restriction of immigrants from Latin AMERICA!

WilD said...

You know political spying was occurring during the 2017 election processes, but like so many times with Trump (now Barr), they are deflecting -- claiming the Democrats were spying when it really was the Republicans (specifically Trump's campaign) against Hiliary and Bernie.