Friday, August 11, 2017

SeX(Y) and the City

I love everything about Dan Clay's alter ego! More deep thoughts from Carrie Dragshaw HERE.

  • dan_clayCarrie's L.A. Odyssey (Day 2 of 7) 🌴 Selfies are like cigarettes: Painful if they don't have a filter. In 2017 L.A., we take Ubers, take SoulCycle, and have entire walls for taking selfies. Even if I couldn’t change, L.A. certainly could. Since 2000, the trees got tall, downtown got cool, juice got expensive, gluten got evil, and reality got a lot of TV shows. Nowadays, we text instead of talk and swipe instead of flirt. Was digital dating some new drug? Fun for a quick high, but can distort reality, impair decision-making and may damage the heart. Were screens the new nicotine? Expensive, addictive, and dangerous in excess? And even with all this technology, were we really just iLone? Maybe we needed an SOS over SMS to disconnect from our phones and reconnect to our selves. Or maybe I was just bitter. As I looked around at all the new devices, I thought, in 17 years full of change, was my operating system the only one that hadn’t gotten an upgrade? #CarrieDragshaw

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