Sunday, August 13, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (08/13)

I normally don't post newspaper covers on the weekend. But 50 years after the Detroit riots erupted during the summer I was born, I never thought we'd be battling white supremacists in the streets -- and that our so-called president would be tip-toeing around them. Here's how some big papers handled the sickening events of the past 48 hours:

The Daily News: Carnage in Charlottesville leaves 3 dead, 34 injured after white nationalist rally sparked violence, two crashes  

Heather Heyer was murdered for protesting racism / Read HERE.

Meet the police officers who died while monitoring the racist jamboree HERE.

The New York Post: I commend the tabloid for using the word terror

The New York Times: Trump Is Criticized for Not Calling Out White Supremacists (why would he, he needs to think about his re-election campaign)

The Washington Post: Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them.

Maybe not the best day to publish this one, guys. Why is it Republicans only have a problem with "identity politics" when Democrats partake?

How soon before conservatives say we're ruining the lives of young men like Peter Cvjetanovic by reporting exactly who they are?

Say hello to Matthew Colligan, who once proudly posted getting his photo taken with Donald Trump but now suddenly has deleted his Twitter account at @millenial_matt.

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Anonymous said...

the sane media mostly missed the opportunity to address trump courting white supremacists and encouraging violence during the campaign, by being lured into following the constant distractions of his "tweet storm of the day", and here we have the result - death.

if the coverage of the charlottesville rally death, and trump's victim blaming response, fades as quickly, i imagine we have little choice but to accept the new normal of the media that allows blaming victims for violence.

no matter how disgusting, or how dangerous, nothing president snowflake does seems to matter any more (at least not until he tries to raise taxes on the wealthy, that is).

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