Friday, June 02, 2017

On the Rag, Vol. 460

A weekly look at what's making news in the gay mags:

Gloss (SF): Steve Grand prepares to take it off (not work friendly) 

Out magazine: RuPaul to appear on new season of "Broad City"

QX (London): Say hello to Taycee

Attitude (U.K.): Andrew Garfield lipsynching to Whitney Houston at a "Drag Race" show will put you in a good mood

Get Out!: Nelly Furtado headlines Pride Island

Gay Times (U.K.): These college athletes came out to each other and then fell in love

Metro Weekly (D.C.): Broadway legend. TV star. LGBTQ rights supporter. Animal activist. Bernadette Peters has always lived by her own code of passion and compassion. 

Winq (U.K.): Emmanuel Macron challenges Vladimir Putin over Chechnya and LGBT rights

DNA (Australia): Are you ready for a 16-page spread of Lucas Escarcello?

MetroSource (NYC): Director Jim Fall is working on a sequel to "Trick," which is curiously missing from streaming services

Adelante (L.A.): Bombón Sexy  

Outlook Ohio: Camp Sunrise is a place for kids affected by HIV/AIDS

Passport Magazine: Do you have your summer vacation planned?

Attractive Men: What are your pre-date beauty routines?

Cybersocket: Summer pride guide (not work friendly)

HIV Plus: New AIDS activism movie "120 Beats Per Minutes" honored at Cannes Film Festival

Grab (Chicago): Raph Solo out front 

Salt Lake Magazine: Trump may not acknowledge LGBT month, but Utah's pride week has been officially kicked off

The Fight (L.A.): MedMen co-founder Andrew Modlin on reshaping the cannabis industry.  

Têtu (France): Ricky Martin reportedly disturbing as gay boyfriend of Gianni Versace in Ryan Murphy's "American Crime Story"

Rage Monthly: Congrats to the SoCal rag celebrate 10 years in business!

Gay Community News (Dublin): Maybe "Awful Gays" -- about gay couple Maurice and Kenny -- will be for me what "Difficult People" wasn't. Watch HERE.

Edge Media Network: Noted rent hustler Cyndi Lauper to receive Logo's 2017 Trailblazer Honor for her longtime advocacy work for the LGBT community

Flame (Detroit): Ran Diesel is serving up some Michigan hotness!

Attitude (U.K.): BBC News' James Longman on the reality of reporting in the Middle East as a (very hot) gay man

Edge (Boston): Parade or protest? 

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jaragon said...

"Trick" is a great gay move- the college track boyfriends are a real life Sean Cody episode

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