Friday, May 12, 2017

Cyndi Lauper Lists Connecticut Spread for $1.25 Million

I'm a longtime fan of her music, and her heart seems to frequently be in the right place. But her 2012 memoir confirmed that she's a handful -- her belief that Tommy Mottola ruined her (already over pop-music) career is borderline delusional. And reading that she has a million-dollar-plus home in Stamford that she's selling makes her living in a HUGE rent-stabilized apartment in the historic Apthorp on the Upper West Side -- onetime home to Nora Ephron, George Balanchine and Joseph Heller -- for which she SUED to have the rent reduced to $508 a month all the more off-putting. (She "lost" and had to pay a whopping $989!)

I guess no matter how well-off you are, everyone's looking for a deal. But surely she must realize there's a low- or moderate-income family that needs her apartment more than she does.

The three-bedroom home measures 3,900 square feet and features a guesthouse Lauper used for writing.

Most hilarious/embarrassing detail: Her son, Declyn Thornton, is pursuing a hip-hop music career under the name "Dex Lauper," because Lauper has a lot more street cred than his real name!


Dwight Williamson said...

I guess. I give her a pass unless she shoots a gay man in the middle of Fifth Avenue. I just think she is a true blue advocate for all of us.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Dwight: Come on, that apartment should be given to some plebeian like me!!!!!

Dwight Williamson said...

Well if they were giving it to you , I would say fuck her in a NewYork Minute !

Jordy said...

Girls just wanna have funds.

Jeffrey said...

Her net worth since creating the Kinky Boots musical has skyrocketed. There is no reason she needs a $989 a month rent stabilization. But she's done a ton of good in the world so Id rather her get that benefit than the countless scumbags who are probably just as rich and living in a rent stabilized apartment.

Rick said...

The place is in serious need of a redo.

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