Monday, May 01, 2017

Treading Water on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

No sooner did I report that the Blue DVD store next to Gym bar had gone under did it reopen as (I think) Harmony. (I say "I think" because it only has one of those tacky electronic-ticker signs in the bottom of one of the front windows, and that's what I think I saw whiz by!)  Big relief for all you Boy Butter fans.

One block south I noticed the American Apparel had closed up shop. The entire company is in a bad way -- I think they returned to bankruptcy recently and are attempting to sell the brand -- so that leaves yet another huge retail hole on the avenue. Although I know it wasn't there when I first moved to Chelsea, I have had no luck figuring out what used to occupy the space. Anyone remember? The Starbucks next door was a Blimpie(!), where I ate once while visiting New York looking for an apartment. (Good luck finding a scoop-neck T-shirt in Chelsea now!)

UPDATE: It used to be a Jennifer Convertibles! 

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