Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Two Up, Three Down on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

More upheaval on Chelsea's once-grand 8th Avenue. Literally the day after I blogged about the new Indian restaurant that opened in the former Spice Thai on 8th Avenue it went out of business. (Oops.)

Across the street M Thai -- which had recently not that long ago to the old Cuba Cafe/Cuba Libre location from where Momofuku Nishi now resides -- went from having a "Closed for Renovation" sign to being completely boarded up. 

And closer to 18th Street, The Blue DVD -- which over the years has been a number of restaurants, including Vox, Cafe Inferno, Tiziano, Typhoon and where Cuba Libre relocated after a breakup of the owners -- is now gone. (Where will we buy our blue DVDs now?)

On the upside, NY Gyro XPress has moved into the short-lived home of Roy's pizza, which long before that was my go-to newsstand ...

And a vegan place called Vita has set up residence in the spot that housed French food for ages, most recently Montmarte and for much longer Gascogne. While I have you, I also see something seems to be moving into the old Brooklyn Industries on the northwest corner of 18th and 8th, and the Uncle Sam's (Asian burger joint) that seemed set to open in the old Koffeecake Cafe on the northwest corner of 17th and 8th seems to have been called off, as a new "for lease" sign has gone up in the window. 

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