Thursday, April 13, 2017

Who 'Snatched' Amy Schumer's Sense of Humor?

I'm a lifelong Goldie Hawn fan so will probably try to see "Snatched," which stars on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. But as much as I respect what Amy Schumer has done with her career, I must confess her recent Netflix special left a bad taste in my mouth. It felt like she was so sure she could wing it that she wrote no jokes, and her rehashed stories about being a "drunk girl of a certain weight" didn't mesh with her contemporary "I'm so famous I get followed everywhere I go" and "I have the best boyfriend in the world" schtick. Can't imagine her film career will last too much longer -- she can only play one character, her (old) self -- so here's hoping she gets her stand-up routine back in order. She's smart and has interesting things to say when she's not making fun of how fat and slutty she "is" then getting all thin-skinned when others try to riff off her image. (Her occasional lack of self-awareness is surprising to me.) Too bad she no longer wants to do sketch comedy as I think that was her true calling.


Anonymous said...

We stopped watching it after the first 10 minutes. Not into "my panties are so disgusting" jokes, I guess.

macguffin Fifty four said...

I like Amy and her show. The fact she only plays "herself" has worked for Melissa McCarthy and it can for Amy. But I agree about her last stand up. I stopped watching early on. It may have gotten better but it didn't "feel" like her other stand-up shows. It had a weird, stale energy. But I don't think her career, as movie actress, TV star or stand-up comedian, is in any jeopardy any time soon.

Blobby said...

Anonymous made it 3 minutes longer into that Netflix special than we did. 7 minutes was all I could 'tolerate'. She should stick with her Comedy Central show. Actually her Chris Rock directed HBO special last year bit too. The joke was, she did the SAME material in 5 minutes on 'Ellen' that it took 60 minutes for HBO.....and her delivery was much better on Ellen.

Peter Maria said...

My longtime companion and I are 2 more who didn't care for the Netflix special, and stopped watching. Completely agree with you that it didn't seem written at all. She looked good, though. I certainly won't avoid her films or other work in the future, but I'm wondering if Trainwreck will be the pinnacle of her achievements (followed by her sketch show).

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