Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have You Heard the One About the 'Alt Left'?

From HERE.

This is why the "both sides (are just as bad)" political crowd angers me more than people who truly believe in conservatism. They're not. The left consistency displays intellectual consistency while the right is, for better or worse, a bunch of partisan hacks. Stop saying otherwise.


das buut said...

There are a group of people who are on the far left that are as bad as the extreme conservatives. They advocate segregation, white people should lose their rights, crazy gender ideas, freedom of speech should be stopped, vaccines are poison, etc. Unfortunately, they are becoming the face of liberalism because the MSM wants someone who is loud and obnoxious to draw the eyes/clicks. Hell, just look at The Women's March. One of their co-chairs was a woman who tortured and killed a gay man, the other advocates for Sharia including freedom from criticism for Islam. There is a minor case to be made for the horseshoe theory.

LDV said...

@das butt: Maybe you should do more than read the headlines of the New York Post or Breitbart.

That's the Sharia BS. No idea where the gay man imprisonment came from. And again, cherry-picking a few crazies doesn't "equal" Steve Bannon in the White House and Conway spouting off about Sweden and Bowling Green attacks that didn't happen, or the Press Secretary claiming Hitler didn't use gas.

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