Friday, April 21, 2017

Ex-NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Left Suicide Note for His Gay Prison Lover -- UPDATE

The Daily Mail is hardly the most reputable news source, so take reports that Aaron Hernandez left a suicide note for his male prison lover with a grain of salt. But one detail does ring true, as it's not hard to imagine the rumored jailhouse bitch sex buddy being placed on suicide watch if he had suddenly had THIS snatched away from him.

The "Powertool" reboot you've always dreamed of?


UPDATE: This story seems to be picking up steam and some validity. Newsweek is now reporting that Aaron Hernandez's bisexuality was probed as a murder motive, and also claims the note to a jailhouse "friend" is real. The magazine also says Hernandez set up bank accounts for his fiance, his daughter and for a longtime male lover (a high-school friend), who it says was interviewed extensively by authorities after Odin Lloyd's murder. (Hernandez was serving life without the possibility of parole for killing Lloyd.) Still hard to know what's true, but sadly it wouldn't be the first time someone became a monster because he was tortured by his sexuality. 


jaragon said...

Hernadez was a product of Latino-macho culture in which homosexuality is not acceptable specially for such an alpha male specimen- this would add another layer to an already tragic story

Anonymous said...

yes, jaragon, and it's terrible the only media coverage of this side of the story is by gay-friendly media, and not the national press. how will their community ever learn and look to avoid this man's sad fall and terrible fate...

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