Saturday, April 22, 2017

Erin Moran, of 'Happy Days' Fame, Is Dead at 56

Although she had spent the past few decades obviously troubled -- alleging she'd been abused on the set of the long-running ABC sitcom, robbed of royalties and then battling homelessness -- words cannot explain how heartbreaking it is to read about the passing of Richie Cunningham's kid sister. (Cause of death isn't known at this time, but cancer is suspected.) "Happy Days" was the must-see show of my early youth -- you were not to show your face in Ms. Schnabel's fourth-grade class at Hiller Elementary on Wednesday morning if you hadn't tuned in the night before -- and being the little girl that I was, wisecracking (and boy crazy!) Joanie always was one of my favorite characters on the show. While Moran joins a long list of former child stars whose lives went terribly off the rails, I sure wish Hollywood could figure out a way to help prevent this from continuing to happen. RIP, Joanie. Chachi wasn't the only one who loved you.

Donnie Most, who played Ralph Malph on "Happy Days," said in a statement, “I am so incredibly sad to hear about Erin. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring, talented woman. As I write this I can’t really comprehend this right now. A very painful loss. It gives me some comfort to know that she’s with Tom, Al, Pat and Garry. Rest In Peace, sweet Erin.” Anson Williams, who played Potsie (on whom Joanie had a crush), said, “Erin was a person who made everyone around her feel better. She truly cared about others first, a true angel. I will miss her so much, but know that she is in God’s hands. RIP sweet angel.”

Still awaiting word from brother Chuck.


Interesting that the only New York paper to give Moran's death page-one treatment was The Daily News -- and that The Los Angeles Times didn't even give her a refer.

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